China Tourist Visa 中國旅遊簽證


申请旅游、探亲签证(“L”字签证) 在中国出生的美籍华人(含港、澳、台地区),最多可申请十年多次旅游“L”字签证。美籍子女须提供出生证(复印件)。

中國旅遊簽證的要求: 中國簽證申請表, 將提供中國簽證申請過程。 近期, ( 33 x 48cm ) 的照片一個,顯示整個面部,並沒有帽子。請加蓋在申請表上的照片,  地址证明复印件(驾驶执照或身份证).  護照原件至少有兩個空白簽證頁,超出申請之日起至少有 一 年的有效的護照正本。


China Tourist Visa Requirements:

Chinese-American born in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), apply for ten years multiple travel “L” visa. American children must provide a birth certificate (copy).

1. One completely filled out China Tourist Visa Application. The China Visa Application will be provided in the final step of the process. Please use no Whiteout on the application as the Chinese Consulate may reject it.

2. One recently taken  ( 33 x 48 cm ) photo showing entire face and without a hat on. Please affix the photo to the application form.

3. Original passport with at least 2 blank visa pages and valid for at least one year beyond the date of application.

4. Photocopy of proof of address (driver’s license or ID card).

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正常办理于第 4个工作日取件, 收费标准如下:所有的价格需要加 $8.00回邮费, 或提供自己的支付郵寄信封。
The application takes four working days :  All price need add $8.00 for mail back postage, or provide your own paid mailing envelope.


Number of entry


U.S Citizens


Third-country nationals

一次  One entry



二次  Two entries



半年多次  Multiple entries




Multiple entries valid for 10 year



加急服务 于第 2个工作日取件收费 另加 $50.00 . 快递过夜邮件服务 $20.00 .

Express service takes two working days. Pickup Fees: Add another $50.00.

Express over night mail service $20.00 (USPS)

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